[Review] Prepac Sonoma 6 Drawer Double Dresser


I highly suggest that you assemble the dresser where you plan to have it. Moving the dresser once it has been put together is difficult. It is very heavy. This is to be expected for a dresser this size.

The assembly manual could have been written more clearly. There are parts where it can be quite convincing. An experience in assembling furniture would go a long way. Setup may take about 2 or 3 hours. Only a screwdriver and hammer are required for the assembly. Although the drawer doesn’t come with the tools, these are tools you would typically have at home.

Storage Space

The dresser has a total of 6 drawers. Each drawer has plenty of storage space. They are deep and wide. You’ll be surprised with how much you can fit inside. They open all the way out, so there isn’t any wasted space. Each drawer has a stopper that keeps the drawer from going off the track.

The top of the dresser serves as additional storage. You can purchase bookends if you’d like to put your books on top of the drawer without looking messy. Adding decors such as picture frames, vases, and decorative bowls would work great too. This useful dresser can also double as an accent furniture in your bedroom or living room.

The drawers glide smoothly along the metal runners. The runners look like they’re of good quality and won’t break easily with weight. The dresser uses metal gliders. That’s good because they are less prone to breaking than plastic ones.


The dresser is not constructed with solid wood. Laminated composite wood was used instead. This shouldn’t stop anyone from getting this unless you really are looking for a dresser made with solid wood. First of all, you can nowhere find one within the price range. Second, laminated wood’s quality is highly dependent on how it was manufactured. For Prepac’s dresser, the wood is reasonably thick and strong. Judging from the the strength of the wood, it won’t sag easily. The weight of the dresser speaks volume about its quality too. It is impossible for the drawer to tip over.


The drawer comes in various colors. My favorites are the washed black, warm cherry, and white.

The dresser is slightly curved on top and at the base, which creates an interesting look. The base has beautiful details too. I don’t suggest pushing the dresser across the floor because it is heavy and will surely scratch the floor.

You can replace the knobs. The knobs that the dresser comes with are brushed nickel ones. They look simple and elegant but if you prefer fancier ones, you can always replace them.

The inside of the drawers has a remarkably smooth finish. Even though this is just the inside, it shows Prepac’s attention to detail. It’s these little things that create the most impact.

Sonoma offers many other storage solution and furniture that would match this dresser. If you want to have matching furniture then you don’t have to look far.

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