[Review] Kodiak 3 Position Futon Lounger

What You Should Know:

  • Set is inclusive of a mattress, 2 pillows and adjustable futon frame
  • Arms lower to turn couch into a mattress
  • Recommended for small and narrow spaces like apartments


The futon came in 2 boxes. The first box contains the parts that make up the frame while the second one has the cushions. The directions are clearly written, making them easy to follow. The use of illustrations eliminate any room for confusion. You have to wait for at least 24 hours for the cushions to expand to their full height.


Before getting a futon, you should bear in mind that it can never compare to the comfort of a real bed. A futon is meant for ocassional use only. It works best as a spare bed for guests.

The cushions are neither plush nor fluffy. They are on the firmer side but still comfortable sans the sinking feeling. People who prefer supportive mattresses over soft ones would like the futon. The mattress is 6 inches high, something that is common among futons.

The fabric feels soft against the skin. It has a pleasant texture to it, so there isn’t any need to put a sheet on top. It all goes down to preference, though. The cushion covers are pleated and so are not removeable. To clean it, you have to spot-clean as needed. The fabric is not waterproof but repels small amounts of water well.


Unlike other futons, the back doesn’t fold flat. The back is fixed and not adjustable. It is the arms that fold out to switch the futon into a bed. The good thing about that is that you can have the futon against the wall and not have to move it away from the wall every time you have to turn it into a bed. Also, it takes up much less space in comparison to a traditional futon with a reclining back.

The arms are easy to adjust. They can be set at 3 different heights. The arms are independent from each other, so you can adjust them as you please. The only problem is that they let out a loud clicking sound whenever you raise or lower them. If I have one recommendation for the manufacturer, that is to make the adjusting mechanism quieter. On the bright side, the arms stay right where you left it. For instance, you may choose to recline one arm at a 45 degree angle and rest your head there. The arm wouldn’t budge.


The futon has a good depth. An adult would have plenty of space to lie down on. As a sofa, it enables you to lean further back than a regular sofa would normally allow. Since it is deep, the futon also has room for throw pillows.


The addition of wood slats is impressive. They provide more support for the mattress. As the futon is firm, you won’t feel the slats underneath. On the other hand, the metal frame that holds the futon is stable. It does not creak or wobble at all.

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