[Review] Kings Brand 6-Piece Wood Modern Bedroom Set

This 6-piece set is just about what you need in your bedroom. Whether you’re moving into a new house or having a major renovation, this set is a great way to start. It can be difficult to shop for different furniture and even harder to find matching ones. Budget can be a major concern too. With this all-in-one set, you get to address all those problem without stressing yourself.

The set requires minimal assembly. Each piece of furniture comes pre-assembled, save for the legs which have to be screwed on each item. You have to put the headboard and footboard together with the bed frame as well.

Bed Frame

The bed comes with a headrest, footrest, and a simple wooden frame. It doesn’t come with slats, so the use of box spring is required. Without a box spring, the mattress would have very limited support and would sag quickly. The headrest is tall enough that you can lean your back with it if you like reading or using your laptop in bed. The footrest does the job of keeping the mattress from sliding off. Overall, the bed frame is very sturdy. You won’t hear any creaking in the middle of the night.


The dresser is one of the main highlights of the set. It comes with a huge mirror. The mirror was packed securely, so it arrived without any damage. The dresser comes with 6 drawers, which is more than what dressers typically have. Among the dresser, chest and nightstand, it is the dresser that provides the most significant storage space. In addition to the drawers, the top can be used to store items too. The dresser is nearly 60 inches wide. Just imagine how much you can fit on top.

The drawer glides ensure that the drawers open and close smoothly. This applies to the rest of the pieces that has drawers too. The drawers align perfectly with the glides.


The chest is a tall drawer. Each drawer is wide but not as deep as expected. It’s a good thing the width compensated for what it lacked in depth. The chest is taller than it is wide, so it doesn’t occupy much space.


The set comes with 2 nightstands. They are the perfect height beside the bed. That’s one of the advantages of getting matching furniture.

The top has ample of space for a lampshade. The drawers, which are the same size, have plenty of room for storage. The end tables look small but they can surprisingly fit a lot. For the set’s price, it can come as a surprise that the set includes 2 nighstands.

The Verdict

The abundance of storage in this set makes organizing your belongings much easier. The dresser and chest can help you declutter your room.

The pictures depict the color accurately. The finish is smooth and the natural wood grain makes the set appear expensive. Everything does look like they’re made of solid wood even if they’re not. This bedroom set would make any room more beautiful and cozier.

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