Budget Smart Home Security & Surveillance Camera for Airbnb listing

1. Nobody booking tonight? You should get a Fake TV to protect your property

Amazon Review: Looking up at our windows where the product is placed, you’d never know that the light being emitted from the room was from anything but a big, vivid television screen. The 12 LEDs are super bright, and the flickering patterns they produce are extremely authentic. Power consumption for this item is advertised as being really low, and it doesn’t get hot over time—which is paramount as you’ll most likely use the FakeTV when you’re either asleep in another room or away from home altogether! All told, I’m really pleased with this purchase, and while there’s no guarantee that this will keep our cars completely safe… I’d like to believe that it’s an easy, affordable discouragement to all but the boldest of criminals. By ReeserRoo

2. Wow only $42! This Wyze Starter Kit can watch your home and no additional monthly fee.

Amazon review: $20-$25. Not a huge amount of money especially for a camera that has night vision, motion sensing, and sound detection. Even a better value when you add the Sense kit. Easy to set up, geeky attractive styling, work well with their app or others. Choose between SD or HD picture quality, add an micro sd card for local recording. Set up home security, take with you to a hotel or wherever by using a rechargable USB battery pack… By Jay Cooley

3. How about dummy fake CCTV to scares off thieves in your backyard?

Amazon Review: We live in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic and we wanted something to deter any drug addicts and other problem causers. These cameras look real even from close up.They were easy to install and came with everything needed except for two AA batteries for the blinking lights. It’s been raining a lot since we installed them and they still work just fine. By MusicMan

Note: Removed the stickers on the side of the cameras that says it needs two AA batteries because real cameras may not use AA batteries.

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