3 Modern Accent desk for your room

1. Cubiker Writing Computer Desk

Amazon Review: This desk is just what I needed. It is very easy to assemble and stable enough, it only took me 25 minutes to get a great desk. This is a comfortably sized, yet economical platform for doing daily writing and emailing. The storage bag design is a great idea for a home office desk, itself is simple but functional and capable of holding a storage-full of items. Perfect for laptop work with enough space for filing and placing other items. By Thebestderek

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2. Coleshome Modern Simple Style Desk for Home Office

Amazon Review: This product is easy to assemble, but there are two tricks, I bought three of these and they took about 15 mins each when setting the cross bar it helps having a second person hold it until you get the screws set, check the screws and measure them I noticed two of the screw bags were numbered wrong because the number 2 screws were 2 inches long when they are only supposed to be 1/4 inch this is probably why people were cracking the desktop. These are thin metal that can bend easy when tightening screws when tightening them with just a twist of the wrist and stop you won’t bend the metal. I would buy another 10 they would also make great tables, I used these for my computer setup. By Amazon Customer

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3. Cubiker Computer Desk 40″ Sturdy Office

Amazon Review: I really like the design of this desk. It came in pieces but is very easy to assemble. It’s worth mentioning that the package includes tools and extra bolts, which is so sweet, just in case you may drop a bolt to nowhere. The top surface looks decent. I can use my mouse directly on it without any issue. The side pocket is handy. The side hooks are useful, where I can hang my headphones and my lightweight backpack (It’s not a heavy-duty hook, so don’t put too much weight on it). Overall, a decent desk with nice design and easy to assemble with tools extra bolts ready for use. By Oliver

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