[Review] Novogratz Bushwick Industrial Modern Metal Bed

First Impression

The Novogratz metal bed frame comes in a wide and heavy box. It is securely packed and well-protected from dents and scratches during shipping. Each part is labelled with stickers. There is a plastic bag that has all the extra pieces, which would prove useful if you lose a few during the assembly. Putting it together may take an hour or more.

One of the features that are worth mentioning is that the bed frame can be set at two different heights. When set higher, the frame leaves a clearance underneath. This is close to one foot. The clearance makes room for plenty of storage. This is extremely useful if you have limited space. The bed frame is a very practical choice for people living in small apartments. There is no need to use a box spring too. However, you can choose to use one if you want that added height. The bed is not as high up as other tall bed frames are, but it serves its purpose as far as storage is concerned. On the other hand, the shorter version of the bed would work well for thicker mattresses.

The bed is true to its size. A full-sized mattress fits perfectly in the full bed frame. Same goes with the queen and king.

Support and Durability

This bed frame uses metal slats as its support system. These add to the stability of the bed frame in the long run. Metal slats are unlikely to bend under the weight of a heavy mattress. Unlike wooden slats, metal ones won’t snap. The slats also prevent the mattress from sagging. They provide full support, which helps in increasing the lifespan of mattresses.

The bed has both headboard and footboard. You can’t put the bed together without installing them as the tubes attach with one another. They effectively keep the mattress from sliding and moving around.

The bed frame does not squeak or produce any sound due to movement. If it does squeak, the screws may need retightening.

In addition to the corner legs, the frame comes with one at the center. This keeps the bed even more solid.


This is a modern bed frame. The tubular design has a subtle elegance to it. The design is simple and versatile, which would look good in any space. It is a bed that would work well in the bedrooms of adults and kids alike. If you are going for an expensive-looking and luxurious bed frame, though, you should look for an upholstered one instead.

This metal bed frame comes in five different colors. This is more than what manufacturers normally offer.

Final Thoughts

This product by Novogratz offers the notable benefits of metal frames: stability, versatility, and fuss-free. The frame doesn’t need any form of maintenance except for the occasional cleaning. The frame can also be painted another color to match your walls or decors. Taking the bed’s durability in consideration, I find it inexpensive and worth a smart shopper’s money.

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