[Review] Nathan James Oraa Round Wood Side Table

Unpack and setup

The assembly went quickly. Everything lined up properly with minimal effort. As expected, the cloth bin was a bit wrinkly after being stored flat. That didn’t pose such a big problem because I just had to iron the wrinkly parts out. I suggest that you do the same as leaving the fabric wrinkled would make the side table look worn out.


The top is great for decorative pieces like a vase or picture frames. It is surprisingly more spacious than I expected. The surface is smooth so you can write on a paper directly on top of it. The surface wipes clean with a damp cloth. I do leave glasses of water on top without coasters and it is still in good condition.

Underneath is a cloth bin which I think is a nice touch. It provides plenty of storage. It is an open storage so it actually allows you to put in more things without making it look too messy. It can hold books, toys, and blankets. I use it to store remote controls as well as chargers. It’s pretty annoying to see them scattered around the living room. It just made sense to keep them by the couch, where we use the controls and charge our electronic devices. It goes without saying that putting too much weight on the cloth bin can cause a tear in the long haul. It is also important to note that the bin is detachable. You can choose to remove it if you don’t need extra storage.

The height is good too. I’m lucky the table happens to work well with the height of our couch. I can’t say the same for others, though. That would depend on how tall your sofa or bed is if it’s used as a nightstand.


The oak finish of the top looks amazing. The matte black frame completes the minimalist yet elegant look. It may seem too simple for others, but I love that it can easily match with any existing color scheme or decor you have in your home.

If you’re searching for an accent piece, this isn’t it. You have to look somewhere else. However, if storage is more important for you, this is a fantastic option.

The side table has a solid metal base that does not wobble. The bonus part is that it comes with pads under the feet to protect your floor. We have hardwood floors so it’s a good thing the table has pads. You can push it to a better spot but it’s even easier to carry it. It is lightweight, but don’t get me wrong. The side table is stable and can be used to hold fragile items.

In My Opinion

This side table is recommended for homes with kids. There’s no part of it that is fragile enough to break if it fell down. I am a mom to 3 kids, and believe me when I say that kids can break anything! So far, they haven’t managed to break the table and I’m beyond pleased. – Sarah P

Brand: Nathan James

Product: 32201 Oraa Round Wood Side Table with Fabric Storage

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