5 Best Selling Swivel Bar Stools on Amazon in 2020

1. DHP Metal Counter Stool with Wood Seat and Backrest White

Amazon review: These are quite sturdy and when pulled up to counter height, you sit about chest high with the counter.. like sitting at a table. The next height up, which I have, are better suited for smaller children (ages 5-12 say) but these are good for adults looking to have a bar height feel. I prefer the next height up because of my height of 5’3″. These are still great for average sized adults. No issues with construction which only involves attaching the back of the stool. Overall, nice. By A & J

2. SUPERJARE Set of 2 Adjustable Bar Stools

Amazon review: I had seen mixed reviews of these so i was a little worried about ordering them. But I received them and the color, the height, the sturdiness is perfect! Not to mention the price is very reasonable. Assembly was ridiculously easy. Do not pay for expert assembly. The bar stools I have seen are that price but only for 1 stool. I 100% recommend! By Lindsey Scott

3. Furmax Simple affordable Modern Bar Stools (Set of 2)

Amazon Reviews: Great chairs for the price! I bought a set and then immediately ordered another set. I only have room for 3 at my island, but I’m happy to have the fourth just in case These chairs are easy to put together, 5 minutes max and come with everything you need to put them together straightaway. They’re light weight and look great in my kitchen. The white is pretty; it is not bright white, which is what I was hoping for, but it still works in my kitchen. The only flaw I would say is that the seats are somewhat narrow and if a larger person were to use them I’m not sure how comfortable they would be. The kids and I just love them! By EmilyAy

4. Duhome Swizzle Gloss Finish Crescent Shape Stools

Amazon reviews: They are very modern looking and look very nice by my kitchen bar. Assembly was a breeze – it only took me 5 minutes per barstool. The part that took the longest was unpacking all of the parts. Although I gave this a 5-star review, I am still curious to see how durable these barstools hold up to the test of prolonged use. I will update my review one year from now. By ABQ

5. Armen Living Faux Leather and Walnut Wood Finish Barstool

Amazon review: As a family, everyone seems to be happy with these barstools…. yeah! They do swivel and they also do NOT hit my counter. The additional good thing is that they do not leave you feeling like you are being ‘pushed’ forward off the seat. They sit comfortably. That is what my husband was really looking for as we have had barstools that left you feeling like you were going to slide off forward. But not with these. Good buy!! By lwascom

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